About Angel Week

Bringing Angels Together

Angel Week NY 2015 was the first gathering of early stage investors in New York. We compared notes, shared great deals, and discovered new entrepreneurs to fund.

Part of Angel Week’s mission is to help reduce the risks of angel investing and minimize dilution.

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Some of the angel/VC insights we share:

  • How angels/VCs are succeeding today
  • What are our key needs
  • How we manage deals
  • Comparisons of today’s best exits
  • Where the best deals are coming from

Angels Compare Notes

It’s more than high tech… startups and digital media may get the headlines, but long-established industries are becoming increasingly empowered by new technology and showing growth because of it.

We look at all growth fields – especially where tech is driving hyper-growth. 

Angel Week NY is where we come together and share ideas, tactics, big trends, and strategies.

We share how angels are succeeding

  • Case studies
  • Best practices
  • New strategies
  • Better tactics

Angel Week NY 2016 = Greater Opportunities

Entrepreneurs are everywhere however, you won’t find every deal in your own backyard!

Accelerators and incubators from across the state will converge at Angel Week NY 2016 to show off their top startups.